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Publications published in 2013

Leonardi, P. M., Huysman, M., & Steinfield, C. (2013). Enterprise Social Media: Definition, History, and Prospects for the Study of Social Technologies in Organizations. Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication, 19(1), 1-19.

Ferguson, J., Soekijad, M., Huysman, M., & Vaast, E. (2013). Blogging for ICT4D: reflecting and engaging with peers to build development discourse. Info Systems Journal, 23, 307-328.

Castello, I., Morsing, M., & Schultz, F. (2013): Responsible Business in Social Media: Towards New Forms of Interaction?, Special Issue in Journal of Business Ethics.


Publications published in 2012

Kerkhof, P. (2012). Sociale media en de Egyptische opstand: Over de invloed van vermeende media invloed. Talmalezing, 13 januari 2012. Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, p. 19-29.

Utz, S., Kerkhof, P. & van den Bos, J. (2012). Consumers rule: How consumer reviews influence trust in online storesElectronic Commerce Research and Applications, 11, 49-58.

Utz, S., Tanis, M. & Vermeulen, I.E. (2012). It’s all about being popular: The effects of need for popularity on social network site use. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 15, 37-42.

Verhagen, T., Feldberg, F., Van den Hooff, B., Meents, S. & Merikivi, J. (2012). Understanding users’ motivations to engage in virtual worlds: A multipurpose model and empirical testing. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(2), 484-495.

Woudstra, L.S.E., Van den Hooff, B. & Schouten, A.P. (2012). Dimensions of quality and accessibility: Selection of human information sources from a social capital perspective. Information Processing & Management, 48(4), 618-630.

Finkenauer, C., Pollmann, M. M. H., Begeer, S., & Kerkhof, P. (2012). Examining the link between autistic traits and compulsive internet use in a non-clinical sample.  Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 42, 2252-2256.


Publications published in 2011

De Bakker, S., Van den Boom, S., Kerkhof, P. & Luit, P. (2011). Help, ze willen vrienden wordenHeemstede (NL): Customer Media Council.

Frost J., Okun, S., Vaughan, T., Heywood, J. & Wicks, P. (2011) Patient-reported Outcomes as a Source of Evidence in Off-Label Prescribing. Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Kerkhof, P. (2011). Customer media in een sociaal medialandschap. Inaugurele rede Leerstoel Customer Media. Universiteit van Amsterdam.

De Bakker, S., Van den Boom, S., Kerkhof, P. & Luit, P. (2011). Help, ze willen vrienden wordenHeemstede (NL): Customer Media Council.

Kerkhof, P. (2011). Van customer media naar content marketing. In: S. de Bakker, S. van den Boom, P. Kerkhof & P. Luit (Eds.), Help, ze willen vrienden wordenp. 17-25. Heemstede (NL): Customer Media Council.

Kerkhof, P., Van Noort, G., & Antheunis, M. L. (2011). Waarom bedrijven sociale media gebruiken. In: D. van Osch, D, & R. van Zijl (Eds.),  Basisboek Social Mediap. 91-119. Den Haag: Boom Lemma Uitgevers.

Kerkhof, P., Schultz, F., & Utz., S. (2011). How to choose the right weapon. Social media represent both a catalyst for and weapon against brand crisesCommunication Director, p. 76-79.

Kerkhof, P., Finkenauer, C. & Muusses, L. D. (2011). Relational consequences of compulsive Internet use: A longitudinal study among newlywedsHuman Communication Research, 37, 147–173.

Kleinnijenhuis, J., Van den Hooff, B., Utz, S., Vermeulen, I.E., & Huysman, M. (2011). Social Influence in Networks of Practice: An Analysis of Organizational Communication Content. Communication Research, 38, 587-612.

Schultz, F., Utz, S., & Göritz, A. (2011). Is the medium the message? Perceptions of and reactions to crisis communication via twitter, blogs and traditional media. Public Relations Review, 37(1), 20-27.

Tanis, M., & Beukeboom, C. J. (2011). Organizational Identification and the Communication of Identity: Effects of Message Characteristics on Cognitive and Affective Identification. British Journal of Social Psychology, 50(4), 784–791.

Tanis, M., Das, E., & Fortgens-Sillmann, M. (2011). Finding care for the caregiver? Active participation in online health forums attenuates the negative effect of caregiver strain on wellbeing Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, 36(1), 51-66.

Soekijad, M., Van den Hooff, B., Huysman, M. & Agterberg, M. (2011). Leading to learn in networks of practice: Two leadership strategies. Organization Studies, 32(8), 1005-1028.

Utz, S. & Beukeboom, C. J. (2011). The role of social network sites in romantic relationships: Effects on jealousy and relationship happiness. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 16(4), 511-527.

Verhagen, T., Feldberg, F., Van den Hooff, B. & Meents, S. (2011). Satisfaction with virtual worlds: An integrated model of experiential value. Information & Management, 48(6), 201-207.


Publications published in 2010

Agterberg, M., Van den Hooff, B., Huysman, M. & Soekijad, M. (2010). Keeping the wheels turning: The dynamics of managing networks of practice. Journal of Management Studies, 47(1), 85-108.

Frost J. (2010) Innovations in Participatory Medicine: The Advent of Do-It Yourself Blood Glucose Monitoring. Journal of Participatory Medicine.

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Antioco, Michael and Mirella H.P. Kleijnen (2010), Consumer Adoption of Technological Innovations: Effects of Psychological and Functional Barriers in a Lack of Content versus a Presence of Content Situation. European Journal of Marketing, 44(11/12), 1700-1724.

Schultz, F., & Wehmeier, S. (2010). Kommunikationsberatung: Zur Konstruktion und Bedeutung von Online Relations. In Wolling, J., Schumann, Christina & Will, Andreas (Eds.): Medieninnovationen. Wie Medienentwicklungen die Kommunikation in der Gesellschaft verändern (pp. 391-408), UVK Munich.

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Van den Hooff, B., De Leeuw van Weenen, F., Soekijad, M. & Huysman, M. (2010). The value of online networks of practice: The role of embeddedness and media use. Journal of Information Technology 25(2), 205-215.

Vermeulen, I.E.,  Das, E., Duiven, R., Batenburg, A., Beukeboom, C., Hoorn, J. F., and Oegema, D. (2010). Implicit Measurement Games: Using Casual Games to Measure Psychological Responses to Ads. In: R. Terlutter, S. Diehl, and S. Okazaki (Eds.) EAA Advances in Advertising Research (Vol. 1): Cutting Edge International Research. Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag, 199-214.

Wicks, P., Massagli, M., Frost, J., et. al. (2010) Sharing Health Data for Better Outcomes on PatientsLikeMe. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 12(2):e19.


Earlier publications

Billedo, C. (2009).  The Formation of Social Relationships on IRC.  Philippine Social Science Review, 60, 1-32.

De Vries, R.E., Van den Hooff, B. & De Ridder, J.A. (2006). Explaining knowledge sharing: the role of team communication styles, job satisfaction and performance beliefs. Communication Research, 33(2), 1-21.  (5 year IF: 2.324)

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