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Martin Tanis

Martin Tanis is assistant professor in Communication at the Department of Communication Science, VU University Amsterdam. His primary research interest focuses on online social behavior. In this field, he has published on online collaboration, online gaming, and online social support. In this last line of research, he focuses on how people that see themselves confronted with a health-issue (as patient or as a nearby other) make use of health information or health related interactions online. Martin Tanis published in journals in the field of Communication (e.g., Journal of Communication, Journal of Health Communication, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Communications) as well as in Social Psychology (e.g., European Journal of Social Psychology, Group Dynamics, Group Processes and Interpersonal Relationships, Cyberpsychology and Behavior).

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Selected publications

Tanis, M. (2007). Online social support groups. In A. Joinson, K. Y. A. McKenna, T. Postmes & U. D. Reips (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology (pp. 139-153). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Tanis, M. (2007). Online lotgenotencontactgroepen: De aantrekkingkracht van steun via het internet. Psychologie en Gezondheid, 35(2), 234-242.

Tanis, M. (2008). What makes the internet a place to seek social support? In E. Konijn, S. Utz, M. Tanis & S. Barnes (Eds.), Mediated Interpersonal Communication (pp. 290-308): Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Tanis, M. (2008). Health-Related Online Forums: What’s the Big Attraction? Journal of Health Communication, 13(7), 698-714.

Tanis, M., Das, E., & Fortgens-Sillmann, M. (2011). Finding care for the caregiver? Active participation in online health forums attenuates the negative effect of caregiver strain on wellbeing Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, 36(1), 51-66.

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